You can not spell it? Spell slowly or – even better – let others spell it!

Why the hell did I take such a name? The name of this fine lined display typeface was derived from the subfamily of monocot flowering plants in the family Amaryllidaceae. Have a look at the asceders of the lower cases: They are rising upright with a single stroke and are ending – depending on the font style – into a spherical blossom.

Allioideae appears in 4 display styles. It supports multi language as it covers all the latin diacritics and a cyrillic character set. Lots of numbers as monospaced, lining figuers, old styles, sub- and superscript and many fractions in two different styles are giving a nice finish to that font. Also some matching ornaments are included. All this supports a big range of useful variety.

The result: there is no way to avoid this type face! You really need it and you will have a lot of joy with it!

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