This is the English version – It’s a really big thing! People were asking for it, now they’ll get it!

With some technical help I managed it to place around 7600 Glyphs into that font! What an amazing number! 7600! And what a horrifying mountain of work it was! But…! It works now! And it’s so perfect! You can write almost EVERY ENGLISH WORD with that font! This is really unbelievable! And it works simple as it can be. Everyone can use it! Just follow a simple rule and the software will automatically replace your words with these Korean stye syllables!

Wondering how it works? There is a tiny demo version of that font available. But you want it all? It’s also there!

See also more at

Technical support: Michael Hoffmann, Axel Stoltenberg, Stephan Helas – Thank you for your help everybody! 

Hangulatin EN

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