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Hangulatin DE

It was 2012 when I visited Korea the first time. I was so afraid to get lost there, that I decided to study the Korean alphabet (Hangul) before the journey started. I should at least be able to read the name of streets or something. But this Writing System there… my god, it faszinated me! They where putting letters syllabified together in rectangles. It was suddenly so simple to read.

I was so amazed that I started experimenting if this system might work with latin characters. And how it works! The result was surprising! After a few lines you can read it fluently. Just try it!

This Typeface supports the German language became my graduation work and was released in 2014 with about 3000 Syllables. That covers approximately 90 % of the German language. Hangulatin won the Golden Junior Award of Art Directors Club (ADC) Germany.

„Thank you, Daniela, for all your mental support and pushing me during this long time!“

More stuff at www.facebook.com/AnitaJuergeleitTypefaces

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