About me


Hello dear Mr. Reader!

My long way into typeface design started at my apprenticeship as media designer. It was already my second apprenticeship as the first one in logistics failed to enjoy me. I worked at a small design studio in cologne and the main work we’ve done there were concerned about editorial design and corporate design. I liked working for magazines a lot and I felt like a being a sculpturer when I’ve done a good typesetting. This time I wasn’t even aware of the possibility of designing type by myself, yet.

A few years later I decided to study communication design, looking for a meaning to my work. Fortune led me into that course of type design, that I still didn’t recognise as a real profession. But I stuck to it, never knowing where to end up with this nice but -obviously- useless course.

Then it happened that I went for a journey to Korea and I fell in love with Hangul, the Korean writing system. I was fascinated, no I was obsessed by the idea to bring latin alphabet characters into a square like the Koreans do with theirs. And all in a sudden there was it: the meaning of type design. The following years I experimented with the idea of a Koreanising the latin writing system and set up my most famous typeface, I am so proud of: the gold winning Hangulatin.

In the meantime I worked for URW++ designing and engineering mostly non-latin fonts like tibetan, mongolian, thai and others. Every now and then I released independent designed typefaces, as well.

I’m curious to find out where my way leads me at the future. Be welcome to join it with me.



2014 Golden Junior Award, Art Directors Club (ADC), Germany