About me


Hello there!

I am an independent typeface designer located in the beautiful city of Hamburg.

Once, it happened that I went for a journey to Korea and I fell in love with Hangul, the Korean writing system. I was fascinated. No, I was obsessed by the idea to bring Latin alphabet characters into a square like the Koreans do with theirs and merge both systems to one.

That’s how it all started.

In 2014 my graduation typeface was rewarded by the Art Directors Club Germany with the Golden Junior Prize for „Hangulatin“ – my most famous typeface that combines the Latin and Korean writing systems. So far, my work has been noticed by several exhibitions and competitions such as protoType of the Society of Typographic Aficionados as well as the Korean embassy. Alongside other magazines and journals, the PAGE, Germany’s best-known graphic magazine reported on my creations several times.

Meanwhile I worked in typeface design and engineering for a reliable type foundry – mostly non-latin fonts like tibetan, mongolian, thai and others – I joined the Expert Class of Type Design in 2016 in Antwerp to expand my skills. Recently I released my first big type family with 30 styles.

I’m curious to see where my path leads me into the future. Be welcome to find out with me.